Logistics – 2023 USA – European Exposome Symposium

The city of Brescia and the nearby city of Bergamo are honored as Italy’s Capital of Culture for 2023. Located in the region of Lombardy, Brescia is a vibrant city with a historic center that features remnants of a Roman forum, Renaissance and medieval squares, the monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia, which today is the Museo di Santa Giulia. Brescia offers art, history, and culture, restaurants, and shopping.

Symposium Location
Palazzo Calini ai Fiumi, University of Brescia
Via delle Battaglie, 58, 25122 Brescia BS, Italy
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Travel to/from Brescia
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Located near the main transportation hubs of northern Italy, Brescia is just east of Milan. From Milan, trains are relatively quick (36 minutes on the high-speed network), departing frequently from Milano Centrale.

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