Sponsors – 2023 USA – European Exposome Symposium

The Mount Sinai Institute for Exposomic Research is the nucleus of the Icahn School of Medicine’s work on studying how the environment affects human health. Our mission is to understand how the exposome, or the totality of our environmental exposures, affect health, disease, and development. We aim to translate our findings into new strategies for prevention and treatment.

The University of Brescia has strong roots in one of the richest and most innovative areas in Europe. It contributes to the sustainable development of a territory in search of a balance between industrial development, environmental sustainability and quality of life. It offers a wide range of educational programmes with Bachelor’s and Master of Science (MSc) degrees, postgraduate technical courses, schools of specialisation and PhD programmes in most areas: business and economics, engineering and technology, law, medicine and surgery.

LinusBio is a patient-centric, precision exposome medicine company headquartered in New York, NY.  Originating from the world’s leading exposome laboratory at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Linus has developed a technology platform that builds on breakthroughs in exposome sequencing.

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