Resources – Clinical Climate Change

Workshop A:  Coping Strategies for Adults in the Climate Crisis

Workshop B: Strategies for Addressing Eco-anxiety in Children and Teens

Institute for Exposomic Research

Office of Climate Change and Health Equity, HHS

Protecting Youth Mental Health: The U.S. Surgeon General’s Advisory

J. Marshall Shepherd, PhD

American Lung Association

Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health

Mental Health and Climate Change

Health and Climate

Clinical Climate Change Annual Conferences

CDC Climate and Health Program

EPA AirNow: EPA’s AirNow reports air quality using the official U.S. Air Quality Index (AQI), a color-coded index designed to communicate whether air quality is healthy or unhealthy.

EnviroFlash: EnviroFlash is a system that sends e-mails about your daily air quality forecast. The message is the same air quality information that the local radio or television stations provide, plus suggested safety measures when levels are unhealthy. This service is provided by your state or local environmental agency and the US Environmental Protection Agency.

National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network: The National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network brings together health data and environment data from national, state, and city sources and provides supporting information to make the data easier to understand.

NYC Environmental & Health Data Portal: Explore NYC Data data on over 250 indicators and over 50 health and environment topics.

2021 Lancet Countdown Brief & Appendix: The Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change tracks 4r indicators on links between health and climate change; it is designed to provide better information to public health professionals and policymakers and accelerate their response to key threats and opportunities presented by climate change.


Climate Change and Your Health Poster

A patient friendly poster on climate change and health for health care settings developed for the inaugural clinical climate change conference. Download in English and Spanish. To request printed copies, contact us.

Prescriptions for Prevention

Environmental pediatricians and partners in the New York State Children’s Environmental Health Centers created “Prescriptions for Prevention” to provide information for New York families to address common environmental health concerns, including air quality and heat. To request printed copies, contact us.