Clinical Climate Change 2022 Speaker: Cecilia Sorensen, MD

Cecilia Sorensen, MD, Director, Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education, Columbia University

Cecilia Sorensen, MD. is the director of the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education at Columbia University and is an Emergency Medicine physician-investigator in the area of climate change and health. Translating research into policy, clinical action and education in order to build resilience in vulnerable communities is the focus of her endeavors. Her recent work has spanned domestic as well as international emergent health issues related to climate change, including, heat stress and worker health in Guatemala, wildfires and health care utilization in the United States, the emergence of Zika virus in Ecuador following the Earthquake of 2016, climate change and women’s health in India and mortality following hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

She has served as an author for the U.S. Fourth National Climate Assessment and serves as a technical advisor for the Lancet Climate and Health U.S. Policy Brief. She is a member of the Colorado Consortium for Climate Change, a scientific advisor for the Citizens Climate Lobby and the course director for the nations’ first medical school course on climate change and human health. She also co-directs the National Climate-Health Fellowship program at the University of Colorado, a post-residency training program for physicians.

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