2023 USA – Mexico City Exposome Symposium

USA-Latin American Exposome Symposium
Urban Exposome: 21st Century Solutions for Health Research

May 22-24, 2023
Mexico City

Rates of complex diseases such as asthma, obesity, learning disabilities, and cancer continue to rise against a backdrop of global climate change, health inequities, food insecurity and growing levels of pollution. The environmental factors that are driving these trends are multifactorial and change over time and geographic space. The scientific field of exposomics is developing new approaches that embrace the complex mixture of environmental factors underlying disease etiology. Urban environments have unique concerns due to their higher levels of air pollution, noise, poverty rates, concentration of heat islands, and lack of green space among other reasons. This symposium is designed to advance the fields of environmental health and exposomics and develop new collaborations between US and Latin American based-researchers. Leading scientists will share innovative methods to measure both internal and external environmental exposures, including through novel biomarkers, wearables, remote sensors, and geospatial modeling, as well as new statistical/bioinformatics analyses of large-scale exposomic data.