Youth Opportunities

The Center on Health and Environment Across the LifeSpan (HEALS) at the Mount Sinai Institute for Exposomic Research, together with the New York State Children’s Environmental Health Centers (NYSCHECK), is committed to improving the health of communities by advancing environmental health research, building community partnerships, and transforming public health policies. 

A central goal is to empower youth to improve the health of their own neighborhoods and beyond. Youth can access special programming and educational materials about the impacts of the environment on health and strategies to make change through individual and collective action.

Healthy World, Healthy You K-5 Curriculum

The “Healthy World, Healthy You” story-activity books are action-oriented and designed to educate students about how the environment impacts health and empower them with tools to make their community a healthier place to live. Children and caregivers follow our original characters, Isabella and Joel, as they explore how to make a change in their own neighborhood. Students learn along with them through stories, pictures, and hands-on activities.

Isabella’s Summer Bucket List: Join Isabella and her family for a Summer Bucket List Challenge by setting weekly environmental health goals leading up to the next school year.

Teacher Guides: Together with New York City public school teachers, we created teacher guides to enhance the use of our “Healthy World, Healthy You” curriculum in K-5 classrooms. We invite educators to partner with Mount Sinai scientists, gaining access to valuable resources for the classroom and the opportunity to host Meet the Author events. Learning modules and activities are aligned to New York State Common Core Learning Standards.

Children’s Environmental Health Day

As part of our annual Children’s Environmental Health (CEH) Day celebrations on the second Thursday in October, we highlight youth from our local communities who are working to create safe and healthy environments.  Activities include an annual art exhibition and a youth-led environment and climate justice symposium.

Summer Academy

The New York State Children’s Environmental Health Centers Network (NYSCHECK) Summer Academy is an 8-week part-time virtual training program designed to engage students in creative and critical thinking to BE the CHANGE in children’s environmental health. This course is an opportunity for high school, college, graduate, and medical school students to develop the necessary skillset to become the next generation of environmental health and climate justice change makers.

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Our team is available for tabling and presentations at community events for both youth and the general public. For additional information, contact us.

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