Center on Health and Environment Across the LifeSpan (HEALS)

NIEHS-funded Environmental Health Sciences Core Center


At the core of the Mount Sinai Institute for Exposomic Research is our NIEHS-funded Center on Health and Environment Across the LifeSpan (HEALS). Formerly the Transdisciplinary Center for Early Environmental Exposures, our Center was renamed in 2022 to reflect the focus on life course health. The Institute’s mission is bolstered by the overall goals of the Center to:

  1. Use a team-science, life-stage approach to identify how early life exposures contribute to disease and health inequities later in life
  2. Use a transdisciplinary, big data science approach to understand how nutrition, the social environment, and other modifiers contribute to individual susceptibility
  3. Translate research into novel, evidence-based approaches to disease prevention.  Through the Center, we are able to provide researchers from a diverse array of disciplines access to the environmental health expertise and technology housed within the Institute through pilot grants, collaborations, and training

The Center supports the Institute in the following key areas:


Centering Community

On February 8th, faculty and staff from across the Mount Sinai Health System came together with East Harlem community partners, friends, and family to celebrate the life and legacy of Barbara Brenner, DrPh, MSW.